About me

About me

Freelance Designer, Developer & Traveller

Hi friends! I’m Shrikant Bhalerao. I hail from Pune in Maharashtra-India. I’ve over nine years' experience in modern financial technologies: Mobile Payments, Banking Systems, EMV Payments, Blockchains, and Cryptocurrencies. I’m an eminent Blockchain Expert and offer my services in India and abroad. I’m postgraduate in Computer Science and recently pursuing my Ph.D. program at the University of George Washington. I have vast experience of working with numerous prospering companies: CellPointMobile, and Anatwine; large organizations: Oracle, and Gemalto. I have had provided my services in many countries across the world including India France, England, Denmark, and Thailand.
I’m specialized in, designing and coding, of a variety of financial applications and automated frameworks. I have in-depth knowledge of several digital languages including Java, MongoDB, MySQL, NodeJS, OracleDB, PHP, Redis, and Solidity. I am too aware of Google Cloud and Amazon Web services. I’m the cofounder of numerous companies like Alulim technologies, BTCMonk Pvt Ltd, and Compdoc systems. I’m optimistic and always remain open to new challenges. Moreover, I have good relations with people who live in modern society and business.


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Shrikant Bhalerao

More of my work

Blockchain, NodeJS, MongoDB, AngularJS, J2EE, OracleDB, Linux, SCRUM

I develop software and financial applications for both private division and government sector. I create highly reliable programs. I also create handy mobile wallets for banking systems. I’m also perfect in integrating several database types with the informational algorithms. I have the deep awareness of applying numerous latest technologies of encryption in the development. I also develop applications based on distributed ledger system. It is widely used in financial exchange worldwide. I do provide high security to it through my digital knowledge and experience. I also give customized-digital-solutions to my clients. I provide GUI (Graphical User Interface) technology-based applications for better user experience. The programs are worth functioning in real time without any error. I also offer software maintenance services in the regions at affordable charges.