NEM Blockchain

Introduction to NEM blockchain:

NEM is also a big blockchain & cryptocurrency platform that established on March 31, 2015. NEM Blockchain is based on numerous technologies including POI, Encryption of messaging, Multi-signature account, and Eigen Trust Program. It is used in a commercial ledger that called the Mijin. Its architecture is made up of two main components. The first one is called 'NEM infrastructure Server (NIS)' while the second type is known as the 'Client' who interacts with it. Its NanoWallet is developed in Javascrip and HTML programming languages. NEM Community Client (NCC) is another user of it. NIS works as a gateway for the NCC. Both the NanoWallet and the NCC can run separately over the Internet.

NEM blcockchain developer & consultant Mr. Shrikant Bhalerao in Pune, India:
A harvester, like Mr.Shrikant Bhalerao, can form a block. He should have at least '10,000 vested XEM' in his personal account. After creation of a block, a new block is linked with the chain. All the charges, which collected for making the new block, are credited into the account of the harvester. Delegated Harvesting is also supported by the NEM. It allows users to send request to others to create blocks for them. The practice must be safe online so that one’s payment couldn’t be blocked, and the charges should be given directly to a right person online who activates the harvesting.