Stellar blockchain

Introduction to stellar blockchain:

Stellar was founded jointly by Jed McCaleb and Joyce Kim. It is an online facility for exchanging money. It is supported by Stellar Development Foundation, a nonprofit organization. Staller Blockchain is an open-source platform for trading money. A Stellar servers run over the Internet to communicate with other servers. The records are stored in a database of each server that called ledger. You can create mobile wallets and other numerous banking apps through implementing stellar network. Every Horizon server is linked to a Stellar Core. Stellar Core software is the main and important part of the network. It supports proper validation through Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP). The Stellar Network is a global assembly of numerous Stellar Cores. Each unit is maintained by a different group of people. The transactions that made under the network are quite secure and trusted. A very little fee is required for making a transaction.

A stellar blockchain developer & consultant Mr. Shrikant Bhalerao in Pune India:
A stellar blockchain Developer & Consultant, such as Mr.Shrikant Bhalerao, can develop the records through three main software including Stellar Core, Horizon, and Federation Server. He can create the blocks through submitting payments and collecting the appropriate fee against it. He is familiar with developing the accounts, and making transactions on the software. The stellar blockchain consultant would support your successful trading in stellar cryptocurrency. Stellar can be purchased or sold online under the guidelines of him.