26 Apr 2018

Five Ways Cryptocurrency Can Help Entrepreneurs by Shrikant Bhalerao

I, Shrikant Bhalerao am going to tell you some methods that would be useful for tycoons of big businesses. Cryptocurrencies support new startups for a transaction of value, savings, and investments also raise capital and save time plus charges. Blockchain technology, has capabilities for safe transactions, storage of information on a decentralized ledger, and improve the overall functionality of new organization where information technology and digitalization play moderns roles of safe conveyance of information, the fast responding system through a […]

18 Apr 2018

ICICI Bank get 250 startups on its blockchain platform by Shrikant Bhalerao

I, Shrikant Bhalerao, a blockchain developer, came across recent information on blockchain technology. I would l like to tell you more about it. ICICI Bank, a leading Indian private bank, recently released a statement that it has on-boarded over 250 startups on its blockchain platform effectively for domestic and international trade finance. It is the greatest number that is achieved by any bank in India till now. The clients include ‘S&P’ BSE 100 Index who is taking benefits for making […]

09 Apr 2018

Cryptocurrency trading not banned in India by Shrikant Bhalerao

Petition RBI crypto ban in india

I, Shrikant Bhalerao, stumbled upon recent news associated with the ban on cryptocurrencies by Indian banks.  Being a blockchain consultant , I would like to discuss the matter in more detail with you. As the cryptocurrencies work on a decentralized system, no any person or government could ever ban it. There could only be a ban on the exchanges that support trading of the virtual currencies. According to analysts, if it happens, then it would cause huge volumes in over the […]

07 Apr 2018

Japan’s New ICO guidelines support the Industry by Shrikant Bhalerao

Governments across the globe are paying attention toward transactions through cryptocurrencies that directly or indirectly influence their currency. I, a blockchain consultant who named as Shrikant Bhalerao, recently paid attention to news regarding the interaction of Japanese Government on ICOs. A working group, responsible for investigating ICOs under Japanese government while presenting their recommendation, suggested that refreshing, rather than closing anything down would help industries to establish ICOs as a sustainable process for financial support. The conference noted that the […]

07 Apr 2018

Sinochem Exports Gasoline availing blockchain Technology by Shrikant Bhalerao

I, Shrikant Bhalerao, a blockchain developer in India, recently came across the good news that revealed the use of blockchain technology in Petrochemical Industry of China. Chinese Petro giant, Sinochem Exports Gasoline, have efficiently performed the big shipment of gasoline while implanting blockchain technology. According to Routers’ recent report one of its 300 branches, Sinochem Energy Technology Co Ltd, was responsible for exporting its products from Quanzhou, a city in China, to Singapore. While the details regarding the news were […]

03 Apr 2018

Transforming India into blockchain by Shrikant Bhalerao

Renovating India Into Blockchain

The latest budget of India was amazing for a couple of things. It included Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain for the first time that got an obvious reference. The finance minister, Arun Jaitley, stated that the government does not consider cryptocurrencies as a legal tender, and will take all measures to curb its use in the financial sector. He added that the center will explore blockchain and, add muscle to the digital economy. Let us see how the technology and […]

27 Mar 2018

Invest in cryptocurrency with long term perspective by Shrikant Bhalerao

While going through the recent headlines on different channels of the news, the cryptocurrency prices are shown a notable drop as compared to the surges in its values. The market shows high volatility that affects the prices of different crypto coins. I, Shrikant Bhalerao, like to say the investors are active in the virtual market and a considerable growth would again be seen in the cryptocurrency marketplaces worldwide. Trends in cryptocurrency investment People living across the world are well aware […]

23 Mar 2018

AirAsia seeing entering into blockchain by Shrikant Bhalerao

Hi friends! I, Shrikant Bhalerao, your blockchain consultant  developer, like to share some interesting information that I came across, recently, at one of the leading news channels. There is news in the air that AirAsia, a Malaysian airline, is coming up with an idea of an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) for improving the capabilities of the low-cost airline. Tony Fernandes, CEO AirAsia Group, said that the Big Point loyalty platforms of Malaysia based airline could easily be transformed into the […]

16 Mar 2018

How to sell Bitcoin by Shrikant Bhalerao

I, Shrikant Bhalerao, as well as blockchain developer, like to tell you that how you sell your bitcoin successfully to the buyers. It is essential that you consult a blockchain consultant for selling your bitcoin so that you can get profit positively. The selling can be completed through the online exchange of cryptocurrencies and be getting hard cash from there. You may also sell it for buying some products such as eatables and drinks for you if you want to […]

13 Mar 2018

How to buy Bitcoin by Shrikant Bhalerao

I Shrikant Bhalerao would, today, like to tell you how to buy bitcoin. You can also buy Bitcoin, the digital currency, like a commodity. It is used not only for purchasing pizza, cars, and drinks but also for trading other virtual and real currencies. It has gained 300 percent increase in its worth during last year.It is suggested to take some risk while investing in buying the digital coin. You might invest a little amount of your money in that you […]